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Uplevel Your Home Office

Are you working from home or running your small business from home?

And you'd love it to feel easier to achieve your full potential?

You already know the benefits of working from home… 

  • the easy commute 
  • flexibility to watch netflix when you want
  • your helpful cat’s company
  • the dressed down dress code
  • being able to accept parcels for your neighbours!

But seriously, working from home can have a profound effect not only on your business but on your entire life. 

When you’re working from home and your workspace is not optimum then you can…

  • struggle with motivation to start work each day
  • feel overwhelmed and unproductive
  • not enjoy your time spent working
  • feel uncomfortable at your desk
  • wish you were healthier and could incorporate more self care into your days
  • wish you were earning more, getting higher value clients and making more sales
  • wonder why you didn't get that promotion
  • feel lonely and isolated in your working day
  • feel unable to give your family your full attention and feel disconnected

If you identify with any of these common struggles then it could be a result of your home office environment.

Despite these challenges, working from home might be your best or only option.

The good news is, you can resolve many of these challenges by setting up your home office in a way that suits you, and I can help you.



  • feeling motivated so you get more work done more easily
  • enjoying a better work-life balance, with space and time to enjoy your family life and get the rest and relaxation you need.
  • feeling more comfortable while working, and handling stresses and strains of a typical workday with ease.
  • getting more positive reactions to your video calls, so you make more and better sales
  • being able to focus without distractions and maximise your creativity

By redesigning your home office, you can enjoy more ease and pleasure at work and at home.

Let’s make working from home the best it can be for you.

With this training for just £97 you can start to make working at home easier and more pleasurable.

In only a few hours you can create a healthier and wealthier working environment.

Click here to get the Uplevel Your Home Office training >>

Uplevel Your Home Office will help you set up your home office right for you.

This video training with workbook will show you…

  • How to assess what you need for your optimum workspace
  • How to identify the best space to use in your home 
  • What you need from your space to feel your best at work
  • What you need to be your most productive and efficient 
  • How you can increase your authority and the quantity and value of your sales
  • How to create a healthier work-life
  • How to manage the impact of home working on your personal life

Uplevel Your Home Office is only £97. 

You get immediate access to the video and workbook when you buy it.

The video is 79 minutes and you can watch it at faster speeds if you want to get through it quickly! Complete the workbook at a speed that suits you.

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This was my experience…

Overnight I went from working in a large, sociable open-plan office, delivering huge multi-million pound projects, to being sat alone at my kitchen table struggling to find clients. 

Jane working from home

I’m Jane, an award winning chartered architect and specialist in eco-home and conservation area design. 

After redundancy in 2008 I decided to work for myself from home.

I felt lonely, scared, overwhelmed by the task ahead of me and struggled each day to motivate myself to make a start.

Since starting at the kitchen table, I set up my home office, then moved and recreated it, while reconsidering my entire house and how I and my family used the space.

I've made my home office work well for me, while ensuring that my work-life doesn't impact negatively on my home-life and vice versa.

I've had a baby, lost the baby weight (some of it anyway!), grown my business (which has won awards), and written a book - all whilst working from home. And I've helped well over 100 homeowners redesign their homes, including a fair few home offices.

Now I enjoy starting work each morning, knowing that it’s an inspiring, easy and comfortable place to work, and I can deliver projects for my clients that I am proud of.

Here's what one attendee to this workshop said: 

(This feedback was from a live group version of this workshop, which was very similar to the recorded video included here.)

Client testimonial

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